Awards and Nominations

Best Show- Perth Fringe 2012

Best Newcomer- Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Spirit of the Fringe- Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Total Theatre Award shortlist- Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Best Puppet Show - Adelaide Fringe 2011

Sell out show- Edinburgh Fringe 2010

Sticks Stones Broken Bones enthralled small children, and reduced strong men to tears. 

Filled with quirks and filled with beauty, it

takes the simplest form of entertainment,

and lifts it to the most unexpected of heights. 

It’s shadow-puppetry, but not as we know it.



Flying chickens, brain transplants and sneaky ninjas!   Watch as household junk, is transformed into surreal shadow puppets.  In each scene, the audience watches the transformation of household junk into hilarious live cartoons.

A feast for the imagination!

Come play in the dark.


“As he carefully brings the pieces together it is impossible to be certain what you are about to see until it is finished and projected onto a large screen, where the intricacy of his creation is amazing”

‘Edinburgh Evening News’

✭✭✭✭✭ “It is hard to imagine a more entertaining, generous or inspirational family show.  Pray for a little more boredom in your life and prepare to play.”

‘Fringe Review’ - Edinburgh

“... the expressions of joy on the puppeteer’s face throughout make him look like an excited child who is also seeing the show for the first time.  For, while the shadows made are impressive and great fun, it is their unassuming creator, a man or very little words but very comprehensive sound effects, who will make you feel warm inside.  By the time ‘The End’ is projected onto the screen, you will be ready to face the inevitable rain again with a renewed spring in your step.”

‘Stage’ - UK

“ Pieces of junk, including foam, cardboard and fluff turn into a magical world of shadow puppets .... Achtem’s imagination is glorious and his one man show has so many characters and interesting situations, you can’t help but be captivated.”

The Adelaide Advertiser -Australia

“ The laughs began within second of the show starting and didn’t stop until the end of this crazy puppet show. “

The Independent Weekly - Adelaide, Aus.